Campbeltown, Argyll

What on earth’s equillo?

Basically just me. I set the company up back in 1999, originally doing engineering design working with steel and plastic materials. Electronic/electrical compressed air & hydraulic system design. Pumps and fans, that sort of thing. Later on this changed to more structural steelwork, then sort of evolved into architectural work. I’m now working on boats almost exclusively, still through the same company.

But what does it mean?

Absolutely nothing. I wanted a company name that wouldn’t limit what I could do – if it was called ‘CAD Services’ then I would be stuck with that forever.

What are these marine services?

The marine bit started back in 1984 when I was working as a commercial diver. Nothing glamorous, mostly civil engineering work which was cold and dirty and not even particularly well paid. Through all that time since I have always been on or around boats, and coupled with my engineering experience means that I’m a useful person to have on-board. My basic seamanship dates back over 35 years, and includes skills like ropework and traditional navigation which are not taught to the same extent today.

So what do you do then?

I’m a commercially endorsed master of yachts, power & sail. I know how stuff works so I can do installation, repair & maintenance of all sorts of things on all sorts of boats. The past few years I have been working in the summer season with The Majestic Line on their small cruisers on the West of Scotland. I will be continuing with them next year, but still need to keep busy out of season.

Not much of a website then.

A work in progress at the moment I’m afraid. I will be adding things as time progresses, and add pages and links below. If you think there’s something I can help with it’s always worth getting in touch.